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"There is no rule in the streets."

The Krav-Club


Developed by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli army, Krav-Maga was later adapted to civilians and opened to the world. It is not a martial art nor a combat sport but a defense and combat system.

Imi Lichtenfeld

What does this exotic definition mean? It is a system, that is to say a set of tactics, techniques and pedagogies that have been designed to reinforce each other for one purpose: to get away on the street. It is a defense and combat system because the defense against the aggression can turn the situation into a combat, there is no longer a pre-established scenario. When comparing aggression to a car accident, most other defense methods only deal with how to regain control during a skid. In krav-maga, ways to prevent the accident and then manage the aftermarth are also considered essential. It means being ready to run away, accept insults or beat the aggressor to let go of his gun and then run away or be ready for the what comes next!

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The blog

The purpose of this blog is above all to allow anyone to know the essential principles that can save his life in case of a violent or risky situation. Articles are often short and direct!

Le krav-club

Self-defense practitioners will also have given us plenty to think about with more advanced topics such as physical, mental and technical preparation.

But, although I'm an instructor of Krav-Maga, I will not show techniques in full and in detail. Why ? Just because I do not want to keep anyone in an illusion: watching videos or reading articles is not enough to master a technique and even less to get out on the street! I will give you keys to deepen, complete and put into perspective what you will see with your instructor.

For those who wonder if I am a teenager who writes in his room or if I am qualified to talk about this subject: I am directing you to my présentation.


Engineer by profession, I am an instructor of Krav-Maga by passion and conviction. I teach around Brignoles(France) at Krav-Maga C.A.P.P.T. Vincent

I started with traditional Japanese martial arts (karate, judo, jujitsu) before discovering Krav-Maga 22 years ago and then being trained by Pierre Marques and Jean-Paul-Jauffret. Since then I have remained faithful to this discipline as its efficiency and versatility convinced me. All my energy and my thoughts are focused on Krav-Maga and its purpose: the real world.


  • In charge of PACA for Contact-Défense FFKMDA
  • Examiner during instructor grade tests for IKMF then Kravolution
  • 22 years of practice
  • 13 years as instructor at IKMF then Kravolution and now the FFKMDA
  • Served as a reserve non-commissioned officer at the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment

Technical level

  • Expert 4th degree Contact Défense FFKMDA in 2022 at CREPS of Reims
  • Expert in 2016

Teaching diplomas

  • National Sport Educator Certificate in 2022
  • Krav-Maga Military instructor in 2016
  • Krav-Maga Kid instructor in 2016
  • Krav-Maga Instructor in 2010
  • Federal Instructor Krav-Maga FFST in 2013 (youth and sports minister accreditation)
  • First responder : PSC1 and SST

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