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"There is no rule in the streets."

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The blog

The purpose of this blog is above all to allow anyone to know the essential principles that can save his life in case of a violent or risky situation. Articles are often short and direct!

Le krav-club

Self-defense practitioners will also have given us plenty to think about with more advanced topics such as physical, mental and technical preparation.

But, although I'm an instructor of Krav-Maga, I will not show techniques in full and in detail. Why ? Just because I do not want to keep anyone in an illusion: watching videos or reading articles is not enough to master a technique and even less to get out on the street! I will give you keys to deepen, complete and put into perspective what you will see with your instructor.

For those who wonder if I am a teenager who writes in his room or if I am qualified to talk about this subject: I am directing you to my présentation.

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