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materiel edc quotidien

What should you carry to face smal and big probles more easily ? You : english speaking people call that EDC : "Every Day Carry".

Every day carry items

If you do not see the products, you should turn-off your ad-blocker for this page. Items with a green background are tested and approved by myself, the others are models equivalent to those I use on a daily basis.

Always on you

Always having your wallet in you pocket can spare you lot of trouble. I made a cheap minimalist wallet out of a piece of leather and just two seam lines. I have to translate an article on that subject.

In a similar way, keeping you keys is a priority, I personally prefer these kind of key holder which are silent and compact. I "handmade" mine with an old piece of leather belt and some para-cord, I would maybe write an article on that.

I have that light with my keys, it's very useful for day-to-day uses. It can also be used in case of an emergency to identify your position or to give first aid, but you won't blind any attacker with that...

A wrist watch you can count every time should be tough and waterproof. I hate changing batteries, especially on the vast majority of maker who force to send your watch to the workshop. So I chose an automatic watch and a solar one. "NATO straps" are comfortable and they exists in all kind of colors or patterns.

A pen can always be useful, well obviously to write, but can also act as an improvised weapon. This one is rock-solid and doesn't look like a light-saber or a machine gun like most tactical pens.

A small bag to bring everywhere with some stuff

I had a mil-tech sling-bag very similar to this one, but its zippers broke after two years. Since then I bought a more casual sling-bag but the pouch are less practical. I like diagonal sling attachments as they stabilize the bag whether you wear it on you back or on your stomach.

This multi-tool is indestructible ! When I bought it it was cheaper than leatherman's (in France), but it as a drawback : it's heavy. Cutting a piece of clothes for first-aid or a piece of meat, tighten a zipper or a screw : I use it for everything.

In case of small scratches or serious injury, you need something to give first-aid. These glove are sterilized, the goal is just to be protected from potentially contaminated blood of a stranger, and to be able to put it quickly. Saline is of prime importance if you have some dust in your eye. Anyway follow a first-aid training, outside of France I don't know teach that aside from the red cross.

Being able to recharge his phone with a wall socket to phone a relative or the police is a serious thing. It also brings your dose of digital drugs...

We're far from the main subject but it's still enjoyable not to eat with your fingers and have clean teeth if you're stucked away from home. Once again you don't have to buy expensive stuff: my spork aka "spoon+fork" is just a little spoon on which I made some notches on the handle to make tines.

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