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Engineer by profession, I am an instructor of Krav-Maga by passion and conviction. I teach around Brignoles(France) at Krav-Maga C.A.P.P.T. Vincent

I started with traditional Japanese martial arts (karate, judo, jujitsu) before discovering Krav-Maga 22 years ago and then being trained by Pierre Marques and Jean-Paul-Jauffret. Since then I have remained faithful to this discipline as its efficiency and versatility convinced me. All my energy and my thoughts are focused on Krav-Maga and its purpose: the real world.


  • In charge of PACA for Contact-Défense FFKMDA
  • Examiner during instructor grade tests for IKMF then Kravolution
  • 22 years of practice
  • 13 years as instructor at IKMF then Kravolution and now the FFKMDA
  • Served as a reserve non-commissioned officer at the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment

Technical level

  • Expert 4th degree Contact Défense FFKMDA in 2022 at CREPS of Reims
  • Expert in 2016

Teaching diplomas

  • National Sport Educator Certificate in 2022
  • Krav-Maga Military instructor in 2016
  • Krav-Maga Kid instructor in 2016
  • Krav-Maga Instructor in 2010
  • Federal Instructor Krav-Maga FFST in 2013 (youth and sports minister accreditation)
  • First responder : PSC1 and SST

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