The Krav-Club

"There is no rule in the streets."

Training Equipment

You will find here protections, dummy weapon... Training gear

If you do not see the products, you should turn-off your ad-blocker for this page. Items with a green background are tested and approved by myself, the others are models equivalent to those I use on a daily basis.


For the groin protection I recommend you models which protect far behind and cushioned inside, otherwise in case of a strong impact the shell will just sink into your muscle and crush everything it contains... My venums gloves are more than 8 years old and are still in perfect condition, I use them regularly in fight but I rarely train punch bags with it. I do not know if the newer models are worthy. Shin-guard with large velcros absorb very well impacts but the slings tend to slip on mines. I switched to a foam model more convinient but it offers less protection. You will find at [ KRAVolution] (https: // a good selection of gear that seems fine (except for the groin protection).

Training clothes

No, I do not dress like batman, I have instructor's T-shirt, but it is the same model. You will also find an interesting selection of clothes at KRAVolution

Les armes factices

The ESP knives of my club all hold out until now, they are rock-solid ! For pistols the hard plastic models allow to work disarmaments against some resistance, the softer models deform and that mess everything. But for the beginners they ar more reassuring when practicing strikes. For sticks, I did not find better that those that I handmade with wooden sticks, insulation foam and kilometers of duct tape...

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